Saturday, 6 January 2018

January meeting: Saturday 20 January 2018

What doth it profit?

He thinks he is a Methodist trapped in the body of a Catholic. He thinks what you do is more important than what you believe. (And a lot more interesting.) He thinks what many people dismiss as supernatural probably contains the whole point of it all.

In other words, he’s a crazy, mixed-up kid with dangerous ideas and a head full of poetic, idealist nonsense.

Will he be able to communicate how he came to this state and who influenced him on the way? To find out, come to hear Peter White’s journey.

We’ll also be having one of our open discussion sessions, during which anyone can share articles, radio progs, books, tweets or anything else that’s moved or interested them in some way. Always a rich and thought-provoking time.

Everyone welcome—existing fans, newcomers and the simply curious.  

The Garden Room at Great Meeting Chapel on Saturday 20 January 2018 2.30 - 4.30 pm

Doors open, with drinks available, from 2.00 pm

The chapel is at 5 East Bond Street, Leicester, LE1 4SX (just across the road from John Lewis). There is a small (free) car park. A donation of £4 per person covers room hire and other costs.

For more information, use the contact details on the right. We're very friendly.

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