Friday, 10 June 2016

June meeting: Saturday 18 June 2016

Open minds, open session

We're having an open meeting. Open to all (as they all are), it's also open in scope, with no theme, no topic, and no speaker. It's an opportunity to explore any of those ideas or thoughts that we never get chance to pick up on in a regular themed meeting.

Heard an interesting radio programme, or read an article that set you thinking? Seen something trending on Twitter, YouTube or Snapchat you'd like to discuss? Or just have an idea that you think is worth an airing? Feel free to bring it along. 

It will help planning if you let Janet, the secretary, know if there's something you definitely want to include. We can show video and broadcast audio, but we need to have the media ready to roll. If you're bringing an article, please supply copies, circulate it in advance or be prepared to summarise it for people who haven't read it.

If we can't think of anything to talk about, we'll look at the bluebells. But that's unlikely.

Everyone welcome - existing fans, newcomers and the simply curious.
The Garden Room at Great Meeting Chapel on Saturday 18 June 2016 2.30 - 4.30 pm

Doors open, with drinks available, from 2.00. 

The chapel is at 5 East Bond Street, Leicester, LE1 4SX (just across the road from John Lewis). There is a small (free) car park. A donation of £3 per person covers room hire and other costs.

For more information, use the contact details on the right. We're very friendly.

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