Sunday, 17 January 2016

January meeting: 23 January 2016

Logos, mythos and the Chief Belief Officer

Logos is objective, logical, universal, factual, scientific. Mythos is personal and emotional. It's perceptions, thoughts, feelings, dreams. It is the belief system that we carry. It's the myth that we live in.

But there isn't just one myth. There are many, especially in India. There is no "promised land"; there are many "promised lands".

In the first part of our first meeting of 2016 we'll be watching the following fascinating video talk by Devdutt Pattanaik in which he explores these concepts by way of Indian gods, cultural differences, Alexander the Great meeting the Gymnosophist and his work in international business as a Chief Belief Officer.

In the second part, our excellent SoFLe secretary and dynamo will present her own story, in our occasional series "My Journey". Is she more like Alexander the Great or the Gymnosophist? We'll find out.

Everyone welcome - existing fans, newcomers and the simply curious.   

The Garden Room at Great Meeting Chapel on Saturday 23 January 2.30 - 4.30 pm

Doors open, with drinks available, from 2.00. 

The chapel is at 5 East Bond Street, Leicester, LE1 4SX (just across the road from John Lewis). There is a small (free) car park. A donation of £3 per person covers room hire and other costs.

For more information, use the contact details on the right. We're very friendly.

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