Sunday, 27 July 2014

Most recent meeting: Saturday 2 August 2014

Can Unitarianism be a bridge between people of different faiths and none? Why does the National Secular Society sometimes make legal challenges to the Christian Institute, and sometimes campaign alongside them? What does a church service look like that has all the best bits of church, but no religion?

If those questions seem familiar, you probably went to the Sea of Faith national conference. If they seem interesting, you'd probably like to discuss them further. In which case, you are warmly invited to Sea of Faith Leicester's next meeting:

The Garden Room at Great Meeting Chapel on Saturday 2nd August 2.30 - 4.30 pm

Doors open, with drinks available, from 2.00. 

The chapel is at 5 East Bond Street, Leicester, LE1 4SX (just across the road from John Lewis). There is a small (free) car park. A donation of £3 per person covers room hire and other costs.

We'll be discussing the conference and then planning our future programme. All ideas and inspiration for talks, speakers and topics welcomed.

And if you don't like the discussion, you can always stare out of the window. Lovely view.

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